How Heath Ceramics got a better understanding of their SaaS apps and usage

CloudEagle was a game-changer. We faced a plethora of SaaS challenges, but CloudEagle streamlined everything. It saved us money, recommended superior tools, and helped us eliminate redundancies in our system, resulting in significant cost savings.

‍- Chad Lockey, Senior IT Manager, Heath Ceramics

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It was challenging for Heath Ceramic to efficiently manage its extensive SaaS stack, understand usage, and identify cost-effective alternatives to the existing tools.


CloudEagle integrated with their sytems and provided a unified dashboard to track vendor spend, assess app usage, store contracts, and offer AI-driven suggestions for optimization.


Heath Ceramics were able to streamline SaaS management, made better cost optimization decisions, enhancing its competitive advantage and growth potential.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle made vendor spend tracking, app usage assessment, and document storage easier.
  • CloudEagle's accurate insights enabled cost savings, especially when changing VOIP providers.
  • Vendor recommendation engine made it easier to find suitable vendors.


Heath Ceramics relies heavily on SaaS solutions across its departments, including call centers, marketing, and eCommerce teams. The challenge was to onboard a SaaS management platform that could be used by both Finance and IT teams. 

They were looking for a tool to provide a comprehensive view of SaaS app inventory and insights on employee spending and feature-level usage. Given the app's pivotal role in maintaining a competitive edge, Heath Ceramics' IT team consistently pursued ROI-driven, growth-focused alternatives to their current tools. 

Therefore, finding a solution that would help them manage and optimize their entire SaaS stack became imperative.


CloudEagle really came through for Heath Ceramics by giving them a single dashboard to track vendor spending and discover new apps. This made it super easy for them to spot apps that weren't being used much and catch any unexpected spending escalations.

Additionally, having all their contracts and invoices in one central place made their administrative work a breeze. CloudEagle’s AI-driven SaaS research tool suggested alternatives to the current tools used by Heath Ceramics.

As a result, Heath Ceramics was able to get a better tool by switching their VOIP provider based on CloudEagle’s recommendations. Time and cost-savings were emphasized from the start, and continues to be a strategic tool for Heath Ceramic’s IT and finance team to procure, research and manage SaaS vendors.

The Impact


Heath Ceramics realized substantial cost savings by identifying and optimizing underutilized applications using CloudEagle. The streamlined SaaS management process allowed for more efficient allocation of resources, improving overall technology decisions, and saving 630 hours a year spent on SaaS management.

CloudEagle's vendor recommendation engine made it easier for customers to find the right alternatives to their existing applications. Our customer saved 473 hours per year they spent on new app research using CloudEagle.

This transformation enhanced Heath Ceramics' competitive advantage as a design innovator by freeing up resources for further innovation and growth initiatives.

With a more agile and cost-effective technology ecosystem, the company positioned itself for continued success in the market, ready to seize new opportunities and maintain its position as an industry leader.‍

Heath Ceramics

Established in 1948, Heath Ceramics is an iconic San Francisco brand best known for handcrafted ceramic tableware and architectural tile in distinctive glazes. Heath Ceramics has won numerous awards for design, and in 2015, received the National Design Award for Institutional Achievement. The company has 200+ employees.

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