How Heath Ceramics got a better understanding of their SaaS apps and usage

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October 30, 2022
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Heath Ceramics, established in 1948, is an iconic San Francisco brand best known for handcrafted ceramic tableware and architectural tile in distinctive glazes. Heath Ceramics has won numerous awards for design, and in 2015 received the National Design Award for Institutional Achievement. The company has 200+ employees.

To enable Heath Ceramics to produce world-class tableware and ceramics, it utilizes a lot of SaaS technology across its various departments like call center, marketing, online eCommerce, etc. They were looking for a tool that could be used by both Finance and IT and could provide an entire inventory of their SaaS apps as well as understand what truly was used by their employees.

Heath Ceramics is a design innovator and thinks of technology as a competitive advantage. The IT team is always looking for better alternatives that could be better ROI as well as help grow the company faster.

With, Heath Ceramics was able to get a single dashboard to view vendor spend and apps. Heath Ceramics was able to identify low usage apps as well as any sudden jump in spend. They were able to store all the contracts and invoices in one place.  helps suggest alternatives using its AI-driven SaaS research tool. Heath Ceramics was able to get a better tool by switching their VOIP provider based on CloudEagle’s recommendations . Time and cost-savings were apparent from the start, and continues to be a strategic tool for Heath Ceramic’s IT and finance team to procure, research and manage SaaS vendors.

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