How CloudEagle saved $450,000 in five months for a customer giving them additional runway


Cost reduction


Applications analyzed


Saved in 5 months

The customer had an overwhelming SaaS portfolio with $3.6M in annual spend and 150 applications, 48 of which were up for renewal in five months. The IT and finance teams struggled to track spending and negotiate effectively.


CloudEagle conducted an analysis that pinpointed abandoned, underutilized, and duplicated applications, extending the customer's financial resources. We meticulously examined 180 applications, benchmarked pricing, and successfully negotiated improved vendor agreements.


CloudEagle's efforts optimized software spend for the customer, helped them right-size redundant licenses, and saved hours of negotiation time, amounting to $450,000 in savings.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle's platform revealed 180 applications, benchmarked costs, and engaged vendors.
  • CloudEagle achieved a 20% cost reduction, resulting in $450,000 in savings for the customer.
  • Streamlined negotiations and ongoing support ensure continued spend management.


With an annual software spend of $3.6 million, the customer grappled with managing a sprawling software landscape comprising over 150 applications. The complexity intensified as 48 applications required renewal within the next five months. Although the 

IT and finance teams were familiar with the top 20 applications, but their lack of visibility made identifying and analyzing the rest of the landscape challenging. Procurement occurred informally, with various teams across the organization making purchases on credit cards. 

This decentralized approach led to overspending, redundant applications, and a fragmented renewal process. 

The challenge was to regain control, optimize spending, and prepare for an uncertain market by identifying abandoned, low-usage, and duplicate applications while renegotiating vendor contracts.


CloudEagle addressed the customer's complex software management challenges with a comprehensive solution. Leveraging CloudEagle's platform, the customer clearly understood their software landscape and spending.

Our scanners identified over 180 applications in use, including those paid for and free apps initiated by employees. Benchmarking data revealed over 100 applications purchased at higher rates than industry standards. 

CloudEagle's SaaS buyers engaged vendors during renewal, negotiating favorable terms and right-sizing licenses. They also detected duplicates and unused licenses for the top 20 applications.

The Impact


Through CloudEagle's platform, the customer gained a comprehensive understanding of their software landscape and spending. CloudEagle's scanners identified over 180 applications, including paid and free apps initiated by employees. 

Benchmarking data highlighted over 100 applications purchased at above-average rates. CloudEagle's SaaS buyers effectively engaged vendors during renewals, securing favorable terms and right-sizing licenses. 

They also identified duplicates and unused licenses, resulting in a 20% reduction in costs for the top 20 applications.

CloudEagle saved the customer $450,000 in software spend, streamlined negotiations, and continues to support future renewals and acquisitions, ensuring ongoing cost-effectiveness and strategic software management.

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