CloudEagle’s Analysis of Over 10 Million Reviews Help Falkonry Choose the Right Vendor

CloudEagle's data-driven insights proved vital in our payroll vendor selection. Beyond cost considerations, their thorough vendor research exposed crucial support and product maturity concerns, influencing our decision for the better. CloudEagle was instrumental in our informed choice.

- Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

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The customer considered switching their payroll vendor for cost savings but hadn't conducted a comprehensive comparison, including pros & cons, peer reviews, and other customer's experiences.


CloudEagle analyzed 10M reviews, comparing capabilities, support, and more, helping the customer make an informed choice. Our platform was able to pull very detailed reviews as well as case studies for the new vendor in question.


The customer opted to stay with their current vendor, realizing that despite lower costs, support, and product issues made switching unfeasible. They planned to re-evaluate in the future.

Key Highlights:

  • The customer considered switching payroll vendors for cost savings.
  • CloudEagle's review analysis highlighted the new vendor's product immaturity and support issues.
  • Falkonry opted to remain with their current vendor, prioritizing a mature product and reliable support.


Falkonry, tempted to reduce costs, planned to switch payroll vendors. This decision resonates with an industry trend where businesses increasingly seek cost-efficient solutions. 

However, they faced a common challenge - the absence of an in-depth vendor comparison. 

Industry data reveals that this scenario is recurrent, with companies often drawn by the allure of cost savings without a holistic assessment of crucial factors, including peer reviews, customer support, and the experiences of fellow organizations with the prospective vendor.


CloudEagle was onboarded in just 30 minutes and it harnessed its extensive database of 10 million reviews to assist the customer in making an informed choice, resulting in 70% time decrease in vendor research.

The evaluation centered on assessing the two payroll vendors, scrutinizing their capabilities, and accounting for essential aspects, including phone support, product maturity, and the ability to provide seamless payroll solutions across 50 states.

By mining this data, CloudEagle uncovered valuable insights. The platform furnished detailed reviews and case studies that painted a comprehensive picture. 

It was swiftly evident that the new vendor's product was still in its infancy and had support-related challenges.


Armed with CloudEagle's insights, the customer discovered that while the lower cost was tempting, support issues and product maturity were significant drawbacks. 

The comprehensive analysis indicated that the total cost of ownership, including support and product issues of the alternative vendor, did not justify the switch. 

As a result, the customer decided to remain with their current vendor and planned to revisit the payroll vendor landscape when the new vendor's offering and support structure might be more mature.


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