How CloudEagle helps Falkonry make the right software choices and optimize spend

Managing multiple vendors using spreadsheets posed challenges. CloudEagle centralized vendors, helped us stay ahead of renewals, simplified vendor research, streamlined SaaS buying, and optimized SaaS spending for us.

-Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

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Time reduction in vendor research

Falkonry struggled to manage vendors via spreadsheets and emails, leading to missed renewals. Performing detailed vendor research and negotiating with vendors was a major hassle for their team.


CloudEagle integrated with Falkonry's internal systems, centralizing vendor data, automating renewals through workflows, ensuring alignment with financial goals, and making it easier to select the right vendors.


With CloudEagle's centralized SaaS management, Falkonry saved time and money by automating repetitive tasks, enabling the team to focus on strategic tasks, enhancing operational excellence.

Key Highlights:

CloudEagle enhanced vendor management for Falkonry by centralizing data and simplifying vendor selection with its recommendation engine. Leveraging platform insights, Falkonry efficiently made informed vendor decisions.

We faced challenges managing multiple SaaS vendors using spreadsheets and emails, risking missed renewals. Our manual approach led to inefficiencies and contract renewal issues, and we lacked negotiation expertise.

Sometimes, we would miss contract renewals and risk getting logged out of an app. We were looking for a central place to discover new vendors and manage our existing ones.

Also, we lacked vendor insights and the bandwidth for negotiations. To achieve operational excellence, we needed guidance in managing our technology partnerships. Since we did not have a procurement team, we also sought expert help negotiating with our SaaS vendor.


"CloudEagle seamlessly integrated with Falkonry, providing a centralized dashboard for our vendors and apps. Its advanced recommendation engine simplified SaaS contract renewals and vendor selection."

- Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

Quick onboarding and centralized dashboard

Onboarding just took 30 minutes and CloudEagle provided complete visibility for Falkonry by integrating with their systems, resulting in a centralized vendor and app dashboard. This eliminated manual tracking, ensuring timely contract renewals and enhancing collaboration between accounting and business units.

Optimized Vendor Selection's vendor recommendation engine offered optimized vendor selections by considering Falkonry's specific needs and cost-effectiveness. By efficiently analyzing a vast review database, it delivered tailored insights, simplifying vendor selection and negotiation.

Detailed platform insights and recommendations's solution empowered Falkonry with valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making. By providing tailored recommendations and insights, it enabled Falkonry to optimize their vendor selections and streamline operations efficiently.

The Impact

Renewal workflows saves time

CloudEagle delivered remarkable results for Falkonry. The automation of vendor management processes led to significant time and cost savings. They now efficiently handle contract renewals without missing out on them. CloudEagle's renewal workflows saved them 1350 hours annually.

Optimized vendor recommendations

The vendor recommendation engine optimized vendor selections. This powerful engine quickly sifted through a massive review database, providing valuable vendor selection and negotiation insights. Additionally, by using CloudEagle for vendor research, Falkonry saved 1,650 hours per year through automation

Improved operational efficiency

By leveraging CloudEagle, Falkonry saved time and resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. This enhanced operational efficiency and contributed to an overall savings of $400k, further enhancing competitiveness.

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