How CloudEagle helps Falkonry make the right software choices and optimize spend

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October 29, 2022

Key Highlights:

Falkonry enables predictive operational excellence at scale. Manufacturers and mission managers need to increase availability, performance, and quality while capturing greater knowledge for use in the right place at the right time to build strategic defenses and create competitive advantages.

Falkonry has always been on the cutting edge of technology and has identified and worked with vendors before the market discovered them. However, they wanted a second opinion on what the leading vendors were in the space, their peers were using as well as help negotiate with these vendors. They used to manage all their SaaS vendors and apps on an excel sheet and via emails. Sometimes they would miss on contract renewals and risk getting logged out of an app. They were looking for a central place where they could discover new vendors and manage their existing ones. Since they did not have a procurement team, they were looking for some expert help in negotiating with their SaaS vendors as well. connected to Falkonry’s SSO and finance systems and created a heatmap of all the vendors and apps Falkonry’s team used. With a central place to store all contracts and invoices, the team was able to retrieve them in an instant and able to sort on auto-renew contracts.

They now receive alerts on contract renewals, and the accounting team and business units are on the same page.  With CloudEagle’s vendor recommendation engine, the Ops team was able to make the right vendor choices that met their needs at the optimum cost. CloudEagle was able to help them make smarter choices on vendor selection and negotiation. ClougEagle’s recommendation engine was able to sieve through the 10M review database and quickly deliver insights around the unique use case Falkonry was looking to solve – whether this was selecting a new vendor or providing competitive intelligence for a vendor renegotiation.

This would have taken Falkonry a lot of time, had they done this manually via excel sheets and google search. Now, they can save a lot of dollars and management time and focus on more strategic tasks.

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