How Aira got rid of their SaaS excel sheet

At Aira, CloudEagle transformed our SaaS management. We got rid of error-prone spreadsheets and welcomed real-time insights, contract alerts, and personalized vendor recommendations. It's been a game-changer for us!"

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira

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1473 hrs/yr

Saved on vendor research

1470 hrs/yr

Saved in contract renewals

1330 hrs/yr

Saved in SaaS management

Aira used spreadsheets to manage SaaS, leading to outdated data and missed contract renewals. They were pressed for resources with a small IT team and had difficulty finding vendors that met their requirements.


CloudEagle consolidated SaaS management and procurement on one platform, offering real-time SaaS visibility, contract renewal alerts, and department-specific views. The AI-powered recommendation engine streamlined and fast-tracked vendor selection.


Aira got rid of spreadsheets and streamlined SaaS management and procurement with CloudEagle. Renewal workflows helped them stay ahead of contract renewals and avoid unnecessary expenses due to auto-renewals. Vendor recommendation engine made it easier to select the right vendors.

Key Highlights:

CloudEagle transformed Aira's SaaS management, replacing error-prone Google Sheets with an efficient platform and simplifying vendor selection with AI-powered recommendations.

We encountered difficulties managing our SaaS applications and procurement process as we used spreadsheets to track them. This manual approach proved error-prone, resulting in challenges such as outdated data and missed contract renewals.

Additionally, the need to track Slack instances across different departments separately further complicated our workflows. Recognizing these challenges, we realized the necessity of transitioning to a more streamlined and automated solution.

With our constrained IT resources in mind, we set out to empower budget owners, ensure compliance with accessibility standards, and centralize our SaaS research, procurement, and management processes.


"CloudEagle provide complete visibility into our SaaS stack and its workflows enabled out team to stay ahead of renewals. The best things was, we got to get rid of the spreadsheets and with CloudEagle we moved from manual to automated SaaS management approach."

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira

SaaS management platform

CloudEagle's comprehensive platform replaced Aira's error-prone Google Sheets to address its SaaS management challenges. This single system provides real-time SaaS app inventory visibility, contract renewal alerts, and centralized contract and invoice storage.

Better visibility on apps, contracts and spend

CloudEagle also facilitates the independent monitoring of Slack instances across different departments, empowering individual budget managers. Aira now effectively tracks its wide range of tools across diverse teams, receiving prompt contract renewal notifications and got complete control of their vendor spend.

AI-powered recommendation engine

CloudEagle's AI-powered personalized recommendation engine enabled Aira's team to streamline their vendor selection process, this will prevent the team from spending too much time in the procurement process, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

The Impact

Getting rid of spreadsheets

CloudEagle became the one-stop solution for SaaS management and procurement for Aira. Moving away from error-prone Google Sheets, they adopted a unified system providing real-time SaaS inventory visibility, making it easier for their team to manage their SaaS lifecycle, saving 1330 hours in SaaS management annually. Now their IT team can focus on more strategic tasks.

Centralized contract management and timely renewals

CloudEagle centralized contracts and invoices, enabling easy access and verification for the payables team. Renewal workflows enabled the team to renew the contracts on time, saving 1470 hours annually on renewals. Thanks to timely alerts, Aira doesn't miss out on renewals anymore.

Made vendor research easier

CloudEagle's personalized recommendation engine simplified vendor selection, ensuring alignment with Aira's unique needs and promoting cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, CloudEagle enabled Aira to save 1473 hours annually on app research allowing them to focus on their company's growth.

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