How Aira got rid of their SaaS excel sheet

At Aira, CloudEagle transformed our SaaS management. We got rid of error-prone spreadsheets and welcomed real-time insights, contract alerts, and personalized vendor recommendations. It's been a game-changer for us!"

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira

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Aira used spreadsheets to manage SaaS, leading to outdated data and missed contract renewals. They were pressed for resources with a small IT team and had difficulty finding vendors that met their requirements.


CloudEagle consolidated SaaS management and procurement on one platform, offering real-time SaaS visibility, contract renewal alerts, and department-specific views. The AI-powered recommendation engine streamlined and fast-tracked vendor selection.


Aira got rid of spreadsheets and streamlined SaaS management and procurement with CloudEagle. Renewal workflows helped them stay ahead of contract renewals and avoid unnecessary expenses due to auto-renewals. Vendor recommendation engine made it easier to select the right vendors.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle streamlined SaaS management and procurement, becoming Aira's all-in-one solution.
  • Aira transitioned from error-prone Google Sheets to a SaaS management system.
  • CloudEagle's AI-powered vendor recommendation engine made vendor selection easier.


Aira sought improved SaaS management and procurement, recognizing the inefficiency of their current method—Google sheets. This manual approach resulted in errors, outdated data, missed contract renewals, and the need to track the Slack instances between two departments separately. 

Given their constrained IT resources, Aira aimed to empower budget owners, ensure accessibility compliance, and centralize SaaS research, procurement, and management with an automated platform.


CloudEagle's comprehensive platform replaced Aira's error-prone Google Sheets to address their SaaS management challenges. This single system provides real-time SaaS app inventory visibility, contract renewal alerts, and centralized contract and invoice storage. 

It also enables separate tracking of Slack instances for different departments, empowering individual budget owners. Aira now efficiently manages its multiple tools across various teams, receiving timely contract renewal alerts and enabling the verification of vendor expenses. 

CloudEagle's AI-powered personalized recommendation engine can simplify vendor selection, helping the team save valuable time.


CloudEagle became the one-stop solution for SaaS management and procurement for Aira. With CloudEagle's implementation, Aira achieved significant improvements in SaaS management.

Moving away from error-prone Google Sheets, they adopted a unified system providing real-time SaaS inventory visibility and timely contract renewal alerts, reducing contract management time by 70%.

The system centralized contract and invoice storage, providing easy access and verification for the payables team. Individual department views empower budget owners, streamline SaaS management, and relieve the burden on the IT team.

CloudEagle's personalized recommendation engine simplified vendor selection, saving 473 hours annually, ensuring alignment with Aira's unique needs and promoting cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, CloudEagle enabled Aira to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their company's growth, saving $6K on SaaS spend.


Aira is an innovative company harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Remote Assistance (RA) to connect users with highly skilled remote agents, enhancing accessibility and independence. These agents assist users by providing real-time guidance and support through AI and augmented reality, enhancing accessibility and independence for visually impaired individuals.

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