How Aira got rid of their SaaS excel sheet

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October 30, 2022

Key Highlights:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence; RA stands for Remote Assistance. When you put them together you get Aira. Aira is a service that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to connect people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. The company has 120+ employees and 300+ contractors.

Aira used to manage all their SaaS vendors and apps on multiple google sheets. The sheet would get outdated pretty quickly and contract renewals would sneak up. They were looking to replace their SaaS sheet with a single system that would provide them up-to-date visibility into their SaaS app inventory, alert them on contract renewals, and store contracts and invoices for easy retrieval. They wanted to track the usage of their slack instances belonging to two different departments separately.

Aira is a fast-growing company with a small IT team, hence wanted individual budget owners to take ownership of the SaaS apps owned by them. Another very big problem was to figure out which vendors would best work for them, especially since most of the tools used by Aira have accessibility requirements.

Overall, Aira was looking for a one-stop shop to research, buy and manage SaaS apps.

Aira uses multiple point solutions across Agent network, customer support, HR, Finance, and Marketing teams, and worked with CloudEagle to construct one comprehensive view of their technology ecosystem. They now receive alerts on contract renewals, the payables team can verify vendors and spend before paying the vendor.

Before renewing a vendor, they can track the usage of apps across their different business units. Moreover, different departments have their own view so they are able to manage the apps they are responsible for, so IT does not have to do it alone.  

When they are looking for a new vendor or thinking of alternatives, CloudEagle’s personalized recommendation engine and vendor concierge service synthesize the vendor comparison alongside the pros and cons in a very succinct manner. The engine is able to highlight vendors that work for Aira’s specific use cases.

CloudEagle helps them save time and money so they can focus on growing the company.

Streamline procurement and Save on SaaS spend