CloudEagle's SaaS procurement workflow provided visibility and saved hundreds of hours

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October 28, 2022

Key Highlights:

Extend your Procurement process & team with CloudEagle platform

Our customer is a fast-growing ML Operations company. New application purchase requests were sent in emails and tracked on spreadsheets.

Challenges with the ad-hoc approval process

  • Their finance team received 1-2 renewals a week, which was hard to keep up with.
  • Tracking this through emails and spreadsheets while trying to get 8-10 stakeholders across IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and Executives to approve the request was becoming unmanageable.
  • The requestors did not have visibility into the approval process, and a few approvals were stuck without anyone looking into it for a couple of weeks.
  • Sometimes, Finance teams would miss contract renewal and had to rush through last min approvals, for fear of being locked out of apps.

How CloudEagle helped

To bring in the rigor and provide visibility into purchase approvals, the customer implemented CloudEagle’s SaaS procurement workflow across the company.

  • CloudEagle’s customized automated workflow helped the customer set up different workflows – one for purchase, renewal, and even compliance review in the company.
  • Employees got complete visibility into the approval process and could visualize where the approval process was.
  • Automated assigning and parallel workflows helped fast-track approvals where finance and legal were working in parallel.
  • During the intake process, CloudEagle platform alerted Finance & Ops team of duplicate applications bought by employees in the company, without having to go through a manual process of scanning the current application inventory.

The CloudEagle team was successful in saving the customer both time and money. Instead of expanding and hiring a full-fledged procurement operations team, CloudEagle’s workflow saved them the cost of hiring full-time resources and build operational excellence in the process.

If your team is looking for help with your SaaS procurement process, you can schedule a free SaaS procurement workflow demo here.

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