CloudEagle's SaaS procurement workflow provided visibility and saved hundreds of hours

30 mins

For CloudEagle onboarding


Time reduction on renewals

1000 hrs/yr

Saved on procurement

A fast-growing ML Operations company faced challenges with an ad-hoc purchase approval process, email-based tracking, missed renewals, and unmanageable approvals across departments.


CloudEagle’s customized automated workflow helped set up different workflows—one for purchase, renewal, and compliance review. The CloudEagle platform alerted the Finance & Operations team to duplicate applications during the intake process.


CloudEagle's solution saved time and money, eliminating the need for hiring a full procurement team. It improved operational excellence and streamlined the approval process effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle's customized SaaS procurement workflow improved visibility.
  • Our platform saved time and costs, avoiding the need for additional staff.
  • CloudEagle's laid the foundation for sustainable procurement practices for the ML Operations firm.


The customer, a rapidly expanding ML Operations firm, grappled with an inefficient ad-hoc purchase approval system. Purchase requests were scattered across emails and spreadsheets, making it challenging for their finance team to handle 1-2 weekly renewals.

Coordinating 8-10 stakeholders across IT, security, legal, finance, and executives for approvals became unwieldy. Requestors lacked visibility, leading to approvals languishing for weeks.

Occasionally, contract renewals were missed, necessitating last-minute, frantic approvals to avoid app access issues. This cumbersome process demanded an overhaul to enhance efficiency and transparency and avoid operational disruptions.


To enhance purchase approvals' rigor and visibility, the customer adopted CloudEagle's SaaS procurement workflow. Customized automation enabled the creation of distinct workflows for purchases, renewals, and compliance reviews.

Employees gained comprehensive visibility into the approval process, tracking progress visually. Automated assignment and parallel workflows expedited approvals, particularly when finance and legal processes ran concurrently.

During intake, CloudEagle's platform proactively alerted the Finance and Operations teams about duplicate employee-purchased applications, eliminating the need for manual inventory scanning.

This seamless implementation streamlined procurement and reduced operational overhead, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for the ML Operations firm.

The Impact


CloudEagle's intervention proved highly successful, delivering substantial time and thousands of dollars savings for the customer. Rather than expanding and recruiting a dedicated procurement operations team, CloudEagle's workflow offered an efficient alternative.

By automating and streamlining procurement processes, the company avoided the expense of hiring additional full-time staff while simultaneously establishing operational excellence. This streamlined procurement saved 1000+ hour per year for our customer's team.

This strategic move allowed the ML Operations firm to allocate resources judiciously, optimizing its operations and financial efficiency. CloudEagle's solution resolved immediate challenges and laid the foundation for sustainable procurement practices, enhancing the company's overall operational effectiveness.

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