User provisioning & De-provisioning, In-app Messaging, and Customizable Reports

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December 1, 2022
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In this release

As we head towards the last month of 2022, our product team is excited to share these new updates for November. 

User provisioning

Assign the right apps to the user based on their roles and departments. The platform will automatically recommend the relevant applications; you don’t have to search for them manually.  You can enable users to be more productive as they can be onboarded in a few clicks, saving you time to focus on more strategic tasks. 

An image of user provisioning dashboard


De-provisioning is no longer time-consuming; do it in a few clicks and keep your SaaS stack optimized. 

An image of user deprovisioning dashboard

Better collaboration with Messaging

With this new update, we’re rolling out an in-app messaging feature for specific vendors and applications. You can mention or tag your teammates in the messaging section and assign tasks or add feedback. Once the member is tagged in the comment, an email will be sent to alert the member so that you can make informed decisions as a team.

A screenshot of messaging feature of CloudEagle

Customizable reports 

We know how much our users love to see granular reports. Our product team included customization functionality in the reports. With this update, you can customize a spend report based on vendor, department, time period, and other parameters.

A screenshot of customize reports of CloudEagle

Evolving for you

At CloudEagle, our mission is to deliver the best user experience for our customers. We know that managing and optimizing your SaaS stack can be a hassle, which is why we are constantly working to add new functionalities and enhancements to our platform.

We never stop evolving; we release new monthly updates, so stay tuned for more exciting features. Get in touch with our experts for a quick walkthrough of our platform. 

Written by
Vibhu Jain
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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