Day-0 at CloudEagle – Vendr + Blissfully + G2/Gartner

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June 17, 2022
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CloudEagle Mission from Day 0

Customer-obsessed outcome-focused company – these are our guiding principles from  Day-0. Providing SaaS visibility is fine, it is the partial outcome. So is haggling with SaaS vendors on price – partial outcome.

The real outcome of SaaS visibility or SaaS negotiations is when our customers realize SaaS savings in their current SaaS stack and buy the best SaaS applications at the best price. Getting these outcomes in the least amount of time, so they can focus on growing their business.

From Day-0, CloudEagle has been built ground up as a combined SaaS management, research, and procurement platform.

Mergers and acquisitions

Vendr, a SaaS buying company recently acquired Blissfully, a SaaS management company. We at CloudEagle and all our investors were very excited to see this merger/acquisition since all of us believed that this is what is needed for customers. We’ve been building on our vision of a combined SaaS management, research, and buying platform right from Day-0.

We’ve followed a few M&A transactions in this space. How well have they integrated and kept their promises? Time has already told us the answer, since we do not deal with any of these companies in our day-to-day competition head-on anymore.

LeanIX acquired Cleanshelf

ServiceNow acquires VendorHawk

Microsoft acquires Suplari

Sailpoint acquires Intello

Flexera acquires Meta SaaS

Apptio acquires SaaSLicense

As you may know from your experiences, merging two companies is a tough task. Blissfully has been a product company and Vendr a services company. The employees hired, culture, technical/sales talent, and mindset of both these companies are different. We wish them all the best since we want to have great competition, however, we are also aware of the tough challenges ahead with a lot of employees already leaving, customers churning, and products and features being sunset.

We are not just Vendr + Blissfully, but we are Vendr + Blissfully + G2/Gartner

We’ve not only built SaaS management and buying company but also filled in the missing piece – yes you got it right; SaaS research. We have the largest database of aggregated software reviews in the world which helps us provide wholistic recommendations on a software that is not influenced by one or the other software review website.

The above image from our website homepage sums up our vision. We are the only company that looks into your complete SaaS lifecycle by telling you about your current stack, understanding it, telling you how you can optimize it, and if you are looking for a new tool, help you find the right tool at the right price.

We are building on this integrated vision from Day-0, come join us on our vision and help the world have a single consolidated solution for their SaaS lifecycle. Book a demo now.

Written by
Prasanna Naik
Co-founder, CloudEagle
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