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November 25, 2022
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CloudEagle today announced its launch on Amazon Web Services Marketplace to streamline the SaaS buying experience. CloudEagle is a comprehensive SaaS management and buying platform for IT, Procurement, and Finance teams. It empowers stakeholders to manage their SaaS stack, streamline their procurement workflows, and leverage data to save on SaaS, all from a single dashboard.

Visting CloudEagle on AWS Marketplace

With a single tool, CloudEagle provides businesses of all sizes with unparalleled insight into their entire SaaS ecosystem. It also helps automate tasks like procurement and offboarding of apps while securing the stack against unapproved or unused ones - removing duplication along the way!

This AWS listing gives procurement stakeholders the tools they need to manage and organize their SaaS buying, management, and renewal processes, so businesses can effectively compete with dark purchasing and maverick spend. When combined with AWS infrastructure (AWS), CloudEagle enables them to enjoy unforgettable and secure SaaS procurement experiences at a global scale!

"To deliver the best possible experience, we've enlisted CloudEagle on AWS. This means giving our customers an improved way of services that's more in line with what they need today than ever before!"
“We're excited to see how organizations will use CloudEagle's solution on AWS Marketplace. By providing a single, seamless purchasing experience for customers we are able to reduce friction in the purchasing process and make it easier than ever before for them to cut down SaaS spend!”

said Prasanna Co-Founder of CloudEagle. 

CloudEagle’s SaaS buying and optimization platform helps IT, procurement, and finance leaders align on trusted data to proactively govern the spend of their organization's cloud applications. This means they can be confident in decisions made when rightsizing or managing renewals without worrying about risk exposure and shadow IT. 

After evaluating several SaaS management platforms, Edge chose CloudEagle. The software connects directly to the company’s SaaS applications and retrieves actionable app usage insights. These insights help Edge understand how they could manage their SaaS user subscriptions, stay on top of compliance, and avoid any potential regulatory conflicts. 

"CloudEagle is an amazing platform. They have helped us manage and organize our complete SaaS stack and saved a lot of money as well. Seeing CloudEagle on the AWS marketplace is pretty nice. They really deserve that." - Iffi Wahla, Founder of Edge

About CloudEagle

CloudEagle is a SaaS optimization platform that helps companies discover, manage, buy and automate their SaaS stack. It empowers the IT,  procurement, and finance teams to take back control of their SaaS landscape. Its employee-centric, data-driven approach combines a ton of app usage insights with application discovery and automated workflows to enable teams easily come together for optimizing spend management and save on SaaS spend.

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Written by
Prasanna Naik
Co-founder, CloudEagle
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