Top 5 SaaS Negotiation Strategies

Our upcoming webinar hosted by Nidhi Jain, CEO & Founder, CloudEagle and Prasanna Naik, CTO & Co-Founder, CloudEagle is all about how you can control your SaaS spend and how important it is in the current economic market.
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April 28th: Top 5 SaaS Negotiation Strategies
Online Event, 12 PM - 1 PM (PST)

Who’s this for?

Finance, Procurement and IT leaders from companies with 100+ employees

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CloudEagle will help you understand:

Challenges of SaaS Buying and Renewing
Negotiation Strategies & Tips
Enabling your business heads to cut down on costs

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Companies tend to overspend by 20–30% on their software and have very little negotiation leverage with vendors.

While working at companies like Box, Airbnb, ServiceNow, we saw how 30-40% of the spend💰 is unattended and non-negotiated. 100+ employee companies have more than 200+ apps, and the finance and IT teams are struggling to keep up.
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