Mastering SaaS Procurement and Negotiation in 2023

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June 20, 2023
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We welcome you to “SaaS Masterminds,” Season 2 of the CloudEagle podcast. In the first episode, Nidhi Jain, the Founder of CloudEagle, takes the stage as the host and welcomes Terry Larock, the Head of Procurement at Tipalti, as our esteemed guest.

Tipalti is a global payables automation platform that aims to reduce manual efforts and streamline the accounts payable process. 

Terry Larock oversees the entire procurement process at Tipalti, primarily focusing on reducing software spend. In this insightful podcast, he discusses his key areas of focus and priorities for 2023. Additionally, he shares valuable insights on how SaaS buyers and negotiators can sharpen their negotiation skills and achieve remarkable success in their professional journeys.

Get ready for a quick masterclass on SaaS negotiation best practices tailored for professionals aiming to excel in this field. Don’t miss out on exclusive insider tips from a seasoned procurement expert. 

Time Stamps

00:00  Welcome note

00:27  Terry Larock’s introduction and background

03:00  Focus and priority for 2023 

04:50  Optimizing SaaS spend and increasing the bottom line

06:58  Where does the procurement team stand?

08:45  How to ace SaaS negotiations(TIPS)

12:12  SaaS negotiation best practices for beginners and PROs

14:45  Advice for newcomers on how to succeed in their career

16:00  Closing note

Written by
Nidhi Jain
CEO and Founder, CloudEagle
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