About PagerDuty + CloudEagle Integration

  • Track your user licenses in PagerDuty
  • Uncover PagerDuty usage of your employees and departments
  • Auto provision PagerDuty licenses to new employees
  • Deprovision licenses of terminated employees
  • See PagerDuty spend and usage side by side

How it Works

CloudEagle connects with PagerDuty securely using OAuth 2.0 and pulls usage and license data. Data is synced every 24 hours automatically.


PagerDuty integrations require an Admin base role for account authorization. If you do not have this role, please reach out to an Admin or Account Owner within your organization to configure the integration.


If you need help with this integration, please contact your CloudEagle Account Manager.

Integration Walkthrough

  1. Login to your CloudEagle instance with your admin account.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Integrations > Direct Integrations.
  3. Search for PagerDuty.
  4. Click on the Connect button for PagerDuty, and a new window with PagerDuty login page will open.
  5. Login to PagerDuty using your admin account, and accept the requested permissions by Cloudeagle
  6. You will now be connected to PagerDuty on your CloudEagle instance.
  7. Click on Sync Now to start pulling PagerDuty data in CloudEagle
  8. Once the sync is complete, you can go to the PagerDuty application page in your CloudEagle instance and see your data under the Usage and License Management tabs.
  9. PagerDuty data gets automatically synced every 24 hours.

How to Disconnect the integration

To disconnect the integration, in CloudEagle, go to Admin>Integrations>Direct Integrations and click on Disconnect option in three dots menu for PagerDuty