SaaS Masterminds: Optimizing Shadow IT Risks and Innovations in SaaS Management

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December 6, 2023
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We welcome you to “SaaS Masterminds,” Season 2 of the CloudEagle podcast. In this episode, Nidhi Jain, the CEO and Founder of CloudEagle, takes the stage as the host and welcomes Joshua Peskay, a 3CPO (CIO, CISO, and CPO) at RoundTable Technology, as our esteemed guest.

The conversation focuses on the rapid rise of Shadow IT, where remote work, accelerated by the pandemic, led employees to use unapproved apps, unknowingly risking sensitive organizational data.

Joshua stresses the crucial necessity for organizations to address the risks posed by unsanctioned apps. He delves into the surprising revelation regarding Microsoft 365 adoption scores, showcasing substantial app migrations within companies without executive awareness.

Additionally, Joshua explores the potential for innovative tools that could revolutionize how companies manage their software investments. He introduces the concept of an ROI score for SaaS tools, proposing a metric that combines spending data with usage analytics. Such a metric could provide invaluable insights, enabling businesses to optimize their technology investments more effectively.

Throughout this episode, you’ll get a deep understanding of the hassles presented by unsanctioned apps, highlighting the critical need for improved oversight. You’ll get an understanding of the advanced metrics that could optimize SaaS spending. Armed with this insight, you'll be better equipped to navigate software management complexities, enabling informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard vital organizational data.

Ensure you catch this insightful masterclass from a seasoned expert.

Time Stamps

00:02 Security Aspect of using SaaS Applications

02:00 Problem of Shadow IT due usage of free apps

04:56 Challenge of duplicate Apps

05:43 Improving security along with savings

07:20 Microsoft Adoption score

07:58 Organizations moving from files to SharePoint

09:03 ROI score for SaaS adoption

Written by
Nidhi Jain
CEO and Founder, CloudEagle
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