SaaS Masterminds - Optimizing SaaS Costs and Streamlining Procurement

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January 25, 2024
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We welcome you to “SaaS Masterminds,” Season 2 of the CloudEagle podcast. In this episode, Prasanna Naik, the Co-Founder of CloudEagle, takes the stage as the host and welcomes Kalyan Gummadam, Head of Indirect Procurement at Matterport, as our esteemed guest.

Kalyan's expertise includes optimizing SaaS costs, streamlining software sourcing, and aligning departments and resources for cost efficiency. He emphasizes the need for well-planned resource allocation over high-level cost reduction approaches.

The conversation focuses on the challenges of managing multiple SaaS applications within a company, highlighting the risk of overspending and underutilization. Kalyan calls for detailed stack consolidation, addressing the high-level view and functional-level optimization.

Throughout the discussion, Kalyan specified the need for a detailed understanding of a company's software landscape before initiating cost optimization strategies. He highlights the growing role of AI and geni (general intelligence) in shaping the future of SaaS.

This podcast will provide a complete view of the challenges and strategies of managing SaaS portfolios. Kalyan's insights provide a roadmap for businesses to align their software spending with growth objectives, highlighting strategic alignment and thorough analysis for effective spend management.

Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with a procurement expert who offers actionable insights to navigate the complexities of procurement and cost optimization. 

YouTube Timestamp

00:02: Show Intro

00:20: Kalyan background and intro

01:06: Being first to AI Code & algorithms

02:10: How kalyan got into procurement

04:10: Getting into software sourcing 

04:54: Direct vs Indirect procurement

05:42: Grey area in indirect sourcing

07:08 Collaboration between the team to reduce SaaS spend

09:17: Tackling SaaS Sprawl

10:43: Aligning goals of IT, Finance and Procurement teams

14:13: Goals for 2024

15:58: Cutting down on department stack consolidations

18:36: Closing Thoughts

Written by
Nidhi Jain
CEO and Founder, CloudEagle
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