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Optimize your SaaS spend
with our 3-S Solution

where you are overspending
on your spend
procurement to save time and money

See where you are overspending

Don't Pay for unused / duplicate apps
Pay less than your peers
Catch duplicate free premium apps before they become paid apps

Save on your spend -  easier & faster!

Don’t wait for renewals to realize savings
De-provision inactive users and buy only what you need
Negotiate smarter with usage insights & benchmarking data
Leverage expert negotiators with guaranteed savings

Streamline procurement to save time and money

Don’t chase your team for approvals. Our configurable workflows does it for you.
Get ahead of your renewals with our workflows that auto start 90 days in advance
Avoid duplicate apps and save costs with Centralized intake requests

We're here to save on your SaaS Spend
Faster & Smarter

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