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What our customers say

CloudEagle’s team keeps delivering results of actual savings, both in time and money! My Vendor Management team uses CloudEagle daily and every month for our internal review and for quarterly board meetings, I use CloudEagle actively to pull out reports.
Troy Otilio
CloudEagle’s SaaS recommendations and unique vendor insights helped us get a 50%discount, even with an existing vendor.
Pratibha Maheta
Head of operation
It’s a great collaboration tool between IT & Finance for managing SaaS apps. Anytime an employee uses a new application or buys a new vendor, I get notified right in my inbox.
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Chad Lockey
IT Manager
Amazing to see how CloudEagle team saved us thousands of dollars within just a month of engagement. With their insights about internal usage and persistence with vendors, it feels they are our own team that’s working hard to save us money.
Michal Lipinski
Director of IT and Security
I absolutely love the notifications! That alone has helped us catch shadow IT before the software could be wildly adopted. Overall, I love CloudEagle’s platform and the super responsive team!
Erika Westphal
Director of People and Business Operations
Tracking renewals through CloudEagle’s workflow has eased things up. I am no longer spending time chasing others for status updates on their tasks, instead getting more productive work done leading to real savings.
Sophie Wang
Director of Finance
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