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CloudEagle and Tipalti Integration will now help you save more on your SaaS spends.
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The Integration

CloudEagle a comprehensive SaaS Management and SaaS Procurement platform has partnered with Tipalti a Modern day accounting software to create a seamless and efficient engine to save money on your SaaS spend.Now you can connect with your Tipalti system with just a single click and get all your spend data onto a single comprehensive CloudEagle system, which will give you in-depth visibility on your historic spend data, redundant and duplicate software, unused licenses hidden apps and will help you save money on your upcoming renewals or new SaaS purchases.
About Tipalti
Tipalti is a start-to-finish accounting software that is transforming the way how finance team works. It handles all the repetitive and mundane tasks for the finance time Strengthens financial controls, reduces compliance risk, streamlines global workflow, eliminates the risk of fraud, and helps the finance team to grow more efficiently and effectively.
About CloudEagle
Cloud Eagle is a comprehensive and holistic SaaS Management and SaaS Procurement solution for enterprises. Cloud Eagle enables the finance team, along with the IT and Ops team, to have complete visibility on their SaaS stack, helps them to streamline the Renewal & Buying Process and save 2-3X on their SaaS spend.

Tipalti Trusts US

We have helped our Customers with Tipalti integration to save much much more on their SaaS spend. If you are interested in saving money?
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