How Edge Got 100% App Visibility using CloudEagle

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December 14, 2022


You would’ve come across Edge during your company’s hiring process.

Edge is a global hiring platform that helps companies hire and onboard talents who can drive success to your team. Edge focuses on minimizing the tedium involved in the hiring process – they’ll help you hire the best candidates using their customized hiring solutions.

Thanks to their robust 30-day training academy, you don’t need to bother about onboarding anymore, as Edge will train employees for you so they can start working on the project immediately.


Edge is a remote-first hiring platform, and its workforce is globally spread.

Handling a global team and keeping things in check is no easy task, and that too for a human resources solution provider like Edge that deals with a massive volume of candidates; they had to rely on numerous applications and software to run a seamless business.

It became hectic, says Iffi Wallah, the Co-founder & CEO of Edge. Their software spending went beyond their control as they didn’t have visibility over their tech stack.

  • They had no insights into how much they were spending and on what. Edge and its team had no information on the licenses being used; they didn’t even know if they were paying the right price.
  • It took too much of my time, says Iffi Wallah, as he constantly negotiated with the vendors instead of focusing on the core business.

And this is where CloudEagle came to the rescue.


As an all-in-one SaaS management and procurement platform, CloudEagle’s primary goal is to provide 100% visibility on a business’s existing SaaS stack and the platform delivered.

CloudEagle gave a holistic, top-down view into Edge’s Saas stack.

  • They could quickly identify the applications used by their teams and how much they’re spending on their licenses – all from one intuitive dashboard.
  • CloudEagle even highlighted the apps that their employees were exploring, this helped Iffi Wallah and his team get a complete picture of their team’s needs, and total software spend.
  • CloudEagle is all about giving power back to business owners. It empowers them with the latest data to make the SaaS negotiation and procurement process a cakewalk.

Iffi Wallah had immense praise for CloudEagle’s expert negotiation team and assisted buyers as they were always available on Slack and helped Edge find the suitable applications they needed.

  • All Edge had to do was type the software they needed; CloudEagle performed comprehensive vendor research based on Edge’s requirements and gave them incredible, unbiased information on what tools to use and why.
  • CloudEagle has an AI-powered recommendation engine that suggests applications for your team based on their pain points.
  • Expert negotiators and assisted buyers will negotiate with the vendors on your behalf and will bring you the right tool at your desired price range.

Save your time and workload, and let CloudEagle handle all the heavy lifting. Edge and its team thanked CloudEagle for keeping up with their promise by helping them save a lot in just a few months of using the platform.

They were relieved that now they don’t need to manage each vendor and worry about getting the best tool for the best price as CloudEagle will look after those responsibilities, and the teams can focus on tasks that’ll propel their business to new heights.


As a Global recruitment services platform, Edge had to use a plethora of applications to seamless business operations. This overwhelmed the team because their SaaS spend skyrocketed and they had no idea on how to control it.

CloudEagle helped Iffi Wallah and his team by consolidating all the apps and gave Edge team a bird's eye view of all their applications and app usage insights.

Iffi Wallah is relieved that now he doesn't have to spend his valuable time negotiating with the vendor rather he can focus on running his core business as CloudEagle will handle all the heavy lifting.

“CloudEagle felt like an extension of our team. I highly recommend CloudEagle to anyone that is trying to simplify SaaS vendor management and needs the extra help negotiating with the vendors.”

- Iffi Wallah, Co-founder, and CEO of Edge.

CloudEagle gives 100% visibility on your tech stack, streamlines vendor management, and automates procurement processes to help you find the right app and save on SaaS spend.

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Iffi Wallah
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