CloudEagle Streamlined Post Merger Reporting and Visibility for a Customer

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April 19, 2023


Our customer is a cloud platform built to enhance home and commercial services. It is an all-in-one solution that delivers intelligent reporting, dispatch services, customer relationship management, marketing automation, QuickBooks, etc., to assist field technicians in the industry. 

They aim to enhance the services industry through out-of-the-box digital integrations and delivers a SaaS infrastructure for the housing and commercial industries, which rely primarily on manual workflows.

Industry: Residential and Commercial services

Use Case: Post-merger reporting and visibility.


Our customer is a popular Residential and Commercial service provider that often acquires other organizations within the same industry. 

Post-acquisition, our customer started facing significant hassles in managing the tech stack of the merged company. The acquired organization used spreadsheets to track their applications and expenses, which added to the difficulty of identifying redundancies.

  • Due to the decentralized SaaS management approach, our customer’s IT team didn’t have any visibility on the applications used by the acquired company. 
  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities became challenging for the team as they struggled to detect overlapping applications or apps with unused licenses.

Not just the IT team but even our customer’s finance team faced challenges:

  • There was no accurate report on how each department spent on the applications and if the licenses were being used for what they were paid for. 


Our customer wanted to access historical data beyond recent records. They aimed to analyze the company's app usage patterns and the related expenses incurred over an extended period.

CloudEagle’s advanced reporting capabilities provided the right solution for the customer.

Spend by each entity

In CloudEagle terms, an entity is referred to as the acquired organization. 

  • Our customer generated a custom report using CloudEagle revealing complete spend data of the entity, spanning from its inception to the present day.
  • CloudEagle extracts all this information from the entity’s internal SSO, finance, and HRIS systems. 


Visibility: The reports revealed all the applications the acquired company’s team used, including granular app usage data. 

App usage data revealed the usage patterns of the entity’s employees, revealing a considerable amount of wasted licenses and incurring significant expenses for our customer.

This centralized visibility helped our customer’s IT team identify overlapping applications and unused licenses, paving the way for optimization and resulting in substantial savings on SaaS expenses.

Spend data: Not just the overall spend data for each entity, CloudEagle was able to break down the spend data at the cost center level and department level for each entity.  

The customer’s IT and finance teams compared app usage data at the department level for each entity with related expenses, prioritized applications and licenses based on usage, and reduced excessive spending on unused applications.

Time-saving: CloudEagle completed the task in just 3 days, which would have otherwise taken 6–12 weeks of tedious and time-consuming efforts involving searching the entity’s spreadsheets, comparing financial transactions, seeking application usage details from various teams, and correlating them with contracts.

Our customer is delighted with the comprehensive visibility achieved for their entity, which enabled significant SaaS expense reduction in a short time with minimal effort.

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