Choosing the best Intranet Software

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October 28, 2022

Key Highlights:

One of our customers wanted to switch to a new Intranet platform from their Google Sites. They are a 600-employee company and wanted a platform that can connect their growing remote teams with knowledge, tools, and news. When using Google sites, they faced serious challenges when it came to boosting employee conversations, enabling collaborations, and engagement among their remote workforce.

Customer requirements:

  • A centralized site to provide corporate information to employees
  • Ability to add content easily, attachments, and links to other sites
  • User access control related features
  • Departments can manage their own site
  • Single Sign-On
  • Social features like commenting, discussion groups, polls, and surveys

As per the specific use cases of the customer, we scanned our database of 150,000 applications, 10M reviews, and 200k case studies to shortlist 3 software vendors – Simpplr, Happeo, and Jostle.

When should a customer choose Simpplr?

Ideal for teams who need enterprise-grade Intranet software which helps to create an employee experience that is truly tailored to the company and personalized for the end-user. This adaptive personalization feature allows communication and content to be precisely targeted based on many personalized factors.

It also offers an auto governance engine that automatically manages stale content and surface materials that demand attention. Simpplr smart search gives the most relevant results based on recency, individual patterns, and popularity. The prescriptive analytics feature helps you to understand what content and tactics worked and gives recommendations for areas of growth.


Sharepoint, Onedrive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, ServiceNow, Confluence, Microsoft 365


  1. Easy to use for both end-users and admins. Visually appealing with a modern social-media feel.
  2. Robust analytical features to measure content effectiveness.
  3. A lot of positive reviews about how it improves employee engagement and connectivity.
  4. Top-notch customer service.


  1. Lack of customization features for pages and content creation.
  2. Current integrations are not adding much value to the system. Room for deeper integrations.
  3. Difficult to manage the backend – like updating employee information.


Greenhouse, Fox, Eurostar, Coursera, Splunk

When should a customer choose Happeo?

Ideal for teams who use Google Workspace and are looking for a social intranet platform. It also integrates natively with Microsoft 365. It allows to work inside the Intranet, with Doc, Sheet, Slide, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or anything else that Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 offer, and search across content in the platform, in Drive, Confluence, Slack, and OneDrive – no need to switch tabs.

It works as a knowledge management system creating a single source of truth for the companies, policies, and procedures that make it easy to retain, share and find knowledge. Other relevant features include auto nudge for stale content updates, analytics, visual org chart, drafts and approval, teams, announcements, channels for socializing, etc.


Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Google drive, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Search integrations with Jira, Zendesk, Confluence, Slack


  1. Happeo has a social media-like feel and is easy to use as per reviews.
  2. Deep integration with G Suite, with documents, calendar, and mailbox access inside Happeo.
  3. Quick deployment.


  1. Mobile App requires improvement, it lags behind the desktop experience.
  2. It imposes limitations on how you can layout pages, what you can integrate with, and what you can embed on pages.


Doctolib, UberFlip, True, Activtrak

When should a customer choose Jostle?

Ideal for teams who need an easy-to-use platform to aid in culture reinforcement and communication boosting. Jostle supports planning, promoting, and attending virtual events. Companies can share values and celebrate their wins through the platform. Jostle offers team matrixes through an attractive visual interface to understand who does what.

Jostle offers a knowledge library with intuitive categorization to share policies and other key files and a centralized search system. Users can find all the information or data they need in the knowledge library. Other relevant features include polls, targeted announcements, discussion groups, etc.

Jostle offers a free plan if there are fewer than 15 people.


Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Teams, Slack


  1. Powerful employee directory.
  2. User-Friendly platform.
  3. Offers features that improve employee connectivity like appreciations, events publishing, news posts, discussion groups, etc.


  1. Limited customization, especially in news articles, including formatting, fonts, and colors.


Dominos, Fujifilm, Citizen’s bank, Emperor

The customer chose the Simpplr platform to connect and align their distributed workforce. Simpplr stands out in many ways – creates a rich, personalized experience for employees, a single source of truth for all news and knowledge, listening to in-the-moment feedback and sentiment, and helps to identify misaligned employees, and blindspots.

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