Choosing a platform to manage performance marketing

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October 28, 2022

Key Highlights:

The customer was looking for an all-in-one performance marketing management platform where they can create, launch, manage and measure the ROI of their multichannel ad campaigns for their online furniture store.

Customer requirements:

  • Launch, manage, and measure ads on all the existing channels – Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Bing, Amazon, and Pinterest
  • Experiment with new channels outside the mainstream ones
  • Offers ad targeting based on their CRM data

CloudEagle platform scanned through our database of 10M reviews, 200k case studies, and 150k applications data to shortlist two vendors AdRoll and Skai which met their requirements.

When should a customer choose AdRoll?

AdRoll is ideal for customers who need a single platform to find their audience, create and launch brand awareness, retargeting campaigns across different display and native ad exchanges like Facebook, DoubleClick, Amazon, etc.

It offers best-in-class sophisticated audience targeting options like behavioral targeting that includes retargeting, similar audience targeting, contextual targeting, and demographic and interest-based targeting. The data analytics dashboard helps to keep an eye on the entire customer journey and offers cross-channel measurement.


Klaviyo, Marketo, NinjaCat,, Segment, Eventbrite, Zapier, Mailchimp, HubSpot


  1. An excellent option for retargeting ads especially CRM retargeting according to reviews.
  2. It provides you access to a variety of ad-media types.
    The dashboard insights are in-depth, and easier to understand compared to its competitors.
  3. The bulk upload feature is a huge time saver when you want to launch ads across multiple channels.
  4. Goods reviews for customer support and creative team service.


  1. Running social media ads via Adroll has some limitations in ad formats and placement compared to running them via native ad exchanges. eg: Facebook.
  2. No support for HTML5 ads. You have to contact the in-house team to upload them.
  3. No support for ad campaigns on Pinterest, Tiktok, and TV.
    The user interface for setting up campaigns can be improved.
  4. The platform gets slow at times, especially when handling a huge amount of data.


Freshly, Nestle, Genesis, Pagerduty, TeeRepublic

When should a customer choose Skai?

Skai is ideal for customers who want to focus more on the automation, orchestration, and scaling of high-volume advertisements across different platforms, more like a compliment to individual ad managers. They connect to just about any partner that a customer needs to successfully manage their Search, Social, and Retail media advertising.

Here are some of the channels Skai integrates to – retail media (Amazon, Walmart, TV, audio), social media( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok), and search (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Yandex).

Similar to Adroll, you can create launch, manage and measure campaigns for any channel. They are an open ecosystem with 1000+ integrations across audience data providers, CRMs, analytics, and tracking connections so you can have a holistic picture of what is working.


Kaspersky, Rakuten Advertising, Byju’s Future School, Mediacom


  1. Best suited for high-volume campaigns with its bulk automation capabilities.
  2. Offers the ability to mirror or clone campaigns across search/ social channels.
  3. Offers AI and custom-rules-based campaign management and reporting which can help identify wasted spend in negative keywords, improvements to budget pacing and forecasting, and opportunities to improve ROAS across channels and ads.
  4. Skai’s bidding algorithm, optimization features, and data integration capabilities are also having a lot of positive reviews.
  5. Good customer support.


  1. The platform gets slow at times, especially when handling a huge amount of data.
  2. The UI needs improvement. Terminology and hierarchy can be confusing at times.
  3. Expensive


Appsflyer, Salesforce, Google Ads, Youtube, LiveRamp

The customer chose Skai as it supports managing campaigns in more media types and channels compared to Adroll. Skai helps in scaling up better through its bulk automation features and helped them to measure the ROI from their old and new channel.

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