As the company grows, get a better return on your software investment by doing a vendor rescan

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October 30, 2022

Key Highlights:

The company sells through the Shopify network and over the years grew its customer agent team to over 50 agents. They were looking for a better alternative to Google Voice for their contact center needs

When the company initially started, they had 2 customer service agents and signed up with Google Voice as part of their GSuite license. Over a period of time, they expanded their team to 50 customer agents and were looking for additional capabilities like faxing, integration with Shopify, etc.

CloudEagle platform was able to present a very detailed analysis on the best VOIP provider keeping in mind the growing needs of the e-commerce company. The data presented by the platform was personalized to eCommerce providers looking for contact center software. The data and insights enabled the customer to make a more informed data-driven decision.

  • Pros and cons of the shortlisted vendors.
  • Which vendors had the most customers in the eCommerce mid-market space.
  • Available integrations, highlighting the vendors that integrated with Shopify
  • Most relevant features important for  eCommerce customers looking for VOIP providers

The customer moved to Ringcentral due to its comprehensive solution and superior integration capabilities. With the same spend, the customer was able to get additional capabilities like fax management, audio/video conferencing, calendar management. Overall the head of IT got more value on their investment dollars, in addition to saving time doing research on various vendor and review websites.

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