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Checklist To Look for in Screen Sharing Software

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June 16, 2021
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Screen sharing software has made life easy and simple. There is no headache about the meeting room as everything has gone digital these days, thanks to technology and the newer additions. To meet the increasing demand for providing the best screen sharing experience, there has been an increase in the development of screen share apps.

These screen share apps help the presenters project their meetings on a screen. The world has come closer while maintaining the social distancing norms. We can conduct all types of meetings related to business, sales, marketing, educational meets, and political meets. All this is possible through screen share apps.

With the increasing use and demand of such apps, there have been several Screen Sharing Trends that ought to be essentially present in the screen share apps.

● User friendly- Easy operating system

● Video Quality- Communication

● Multiple tools

● Reliability, privacy, and security

● Gamification

● Screen Recording

● Compatibility with multiple devices- Connectivity

● Value for money

1. User friendly- Easy operating system

This is the most important and newest screen-sharing trend. The apps offering screen sharing facility are user-friendly. It allows the users and their team to communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently. These offer good team support and technical support by providing tutorial videos on ‘how to operate the screen share apps’. This feature enables the users to master the screen share apps’ operation and helps them conduct their online meetings smoothly without any technical glitches.

2. Video Quality- Communication

Many apps are offering the user’s screen-sharing facility. But you cannot trust all these apps. A screen share app that provides its users best communication with high video quality is the one that is preferred and suggested for use. The users look for ways to replicate the very presence they have physically through the screen share apps. For this, video quality is the main factor that has to be considered.

The screen sharing trend of providing HD quality video conferencing with equally supported audio are most desirable in all the screen sharing apps. It enhances the communication between the employer and the employees, teachers and the students, presenters, and the audiences.

3. Multiple tools

The screen-sharing apps should have multiple tools for the users to perform multiple tasks on the same platform. Provision of the whiteboard, PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, using pointers, and doodling while presenting on screen share apps keeps this multiple tools screen sharing trend among the users.

Some tools allow you to share your screen with multiple people simultaneously. Tools that offer different views of the ongoing meeting on your device like the grid view, Presenter screen, and many more are among the most wanted tools.

4. Reliability, privacy, and security

For any screen sharing app to become among the most popular and demanding apps, it is essential that it should be reliable, maintain and secure the privacy of its users. It should be reliable in providing the best services and giving the best experiences to the users.


This screen sharing trend allows users to present their meetings on-screen by protecting their sensitive and confidential information on their devices themselves. The users need not worry about the confidentiality contents of their meetings as the screen sharing apps offer reliable service, and it is against their privacy policy to leak out the presenter’s content without their consent.

5. Gamification

Gamification screen sharing trends are introduced to make the online meetings interesting. An online meeting should be interactive with the active participation of all the members and not just a monotonous meeting where only the bosses keep blabbering, and the employees get bugged up for their constant talks.

Gamification is a process of introducing gaming elements into non-gaming content or meetings. This will help inculcate different values among the employees like team spirit, coordination, and developing the internet by offering them rewards in terms of bonus points, best employee awards or rewards in other forms.

Gamification helps boost the spirit of the employees and keep them engaged in their work along with enjoyment and will automatically enhance productivity and develop their efficiency.

6. Screen Recording

The screen sharing apps should have this feature of recording the online meetings for future reference for those members who were unable to attend the meetings or classes for some of the other reasons. It can also be used to maintain records. It helps to store the recorded data for future reference.

This screen-sharing trend is of great help to the users. The user need not to worry if they miss out on any meeting as they can refer to the recorded meeting and get to the important things discussed in their absence.

7. Compatibility with multiple devices- Connectivity

The screen-sharing apps should be compatible with multiple devices. The users see in a screen-sharing app whether it allows them to use the app on multiple devices according to their needs and convenience. All the tools of the app should be functional on any device. The users look for apps that operate well with the operating system on all devices and can keep the app functional on a change of device.

8. Value for money

The screen-sharing apps that the users have invested their money in should be of great value for them. And this is possible only if it has functions and tools according to the needs of the users. An app is valuable for its money if it offers a reliable, private, and secured online meeting, thereby protecting the confidentiality of the meetings. How appropriate are the features, capabilities, and usage of the app are among the factors that are needed to be considered for deciding which screen sharing app is best for its value?

You must also enlighten yourself with the basic features you can expect in a screen sharing sharing software.


For any screen-sharing app, the above Screen sharing trends are a must. These are the fundamental and newest trends that are required in any screen-sharing software.  

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