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May 8, 2021
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A business can reach tremendous heights in a short period of time if it has the right resources. Most of the businesses are being operated online and Screen sharing software has become a need of the hour amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything is being done from home using the internet and the software that allows you to share your screen with your contacts online and links provided to them.

Screen sharing software has made life a little easier in this pandemic phase. ‘Work from home’ is the tagline used by those who stay at home following the pandemic guidelines to maintain social distancing and working from home using the screen-sharing software on android phone or screen sharing on iPhone. You mush also keep a track of the top vendors in the screen sharing software market.

Screen sharing softwares is used for conducting webinars, meetings, sales, video calling, and several other purposes. The most basic requirement of such software is to allow the users to share the screen with those online. The other basic requirements are listed below.

●    Number of personnel that can log in simultaneously: This is the most important requirement. More the number allowed to join in the online webinars and lectures or meetings, the easier it is for the person conducting it. Like screen sharing on some software allows 50 people to be in a conversation simultaneously.

●    Time: The screen sharing time limit is the limiting factor of such App and software. However, a few softwares do not bind you with the time factor. Screen sharing apps like skype have a limit of 10 hours per day. Similarly, other apps may have this time limitation.

●    Screen recording features: Sometimes, it may not be possible for all the members of the team to attend their meetings respectively. For this, make sure the App or the software you are investing your time and money is worth it. Screen sharing softwares should also have the feature of recording the conversation so that you don’t miss your meetings or lectures. These recordings are available for around 30 days after being recorded.

●   Multiple device compatibility: A screen sharing software is best for its users when it allows you to operate on multiple devices. The tools of this software should be functional and on any device you log in through. The screen-sharing  software should be compatible on both mobile phones and computers.  Screen sharing on iPhone would be an important feature to watch out for since many users are using their iPhone for work.

For any screen-sharing software, the above functions are a must. There may be other requirements, but these are the basic ones.

Here is a list of screen sharing software or apps that can be used on multiple devices

1. Skype

2. Google Meet

3. Google Hangouts

4. Zoom


6. Screenleaps

These are just a few screen-sharing apps; many more can be added to this list. We have mentioned the most used ones.


Skype is a very popular screen-sharing software. While using this App, you do not need to have an extra screen-sharing tool. Screen sharing skype itself has an inbuilt system that allows its users to share screens with those online.

It provides its users a unique experience of video conferencing with its screen sharing feature. It has a whiteboard with a series of tools and annotations, which can be used once the meeting is over. These annotations cannot be used if someone else is presenting at the meeting.

It allows you to share files with around 300 MB size in the chat conversation so that other participants can also have access to it. You can share different types of files, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, word documents. You can save these to your device for further reference and use.

You can operate Skype on multiple devices. All you have to do is log in with your credentials, and there you will have your software to any device you want it to operate on. So you need not worry about screen sharing on iPhone if you are a skype user.

Screen sharing skype has the feature of recording the conversation so that you don’t miss your meetings or lectures. These recordings are available for around 30 days after being recorded. It allows 50 people to be in a conversation simultaneously. It has a limit of 10 hours per day.


Zoom is considered the best video conferencing App. It is a reliable screen-sharing software that allows its users to conduct webinars, meetings, sales, college and school lectures.

If you experience a bad network connection, the zoom automatically adjusts the bandwidth and maintains your video connection. This feature of zoom makes it the most wanted screen-sharing app.

The system of zoom offers a lightweight installer that is operational on all your devices. Screen sharing on iPhone is also possible with the zoom app. The host can share the screen when conducting a meeting from their desktop or mobile phones. It has tools that allow you to share documents in all forms and annotations.

It has an inbuilt screen sharing system. If you opt for a free zoom plan, around 50 participants can enter your meeting and share the screen with you. But if you opt for a paid plan, zoom allows 500 participants to enter your meeting and have access to the same screen simultaneously.

For a 40 minute session, zoom offers free screen sharing. It charges around $15/ user/ month for up to 24 hours of a meeting.


In this stressful time of Covid-19, it has become a challenging task for everyone to conduct all their meetings, sessions, webinars, College and school lectures, sales, and other meetings online. The screen-sharing software has been a lifesaver in this tough time and there are several vendors who have emerged recently into this marketplace.

The screen sharing software has provided an interactive platform from both ends. They have provided their users the best services and are always trying to keep updating their system to be operated or be functional on multiple devices. These apps have made screen sharing on iPhone possible with the latest update in their software.

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